"It Takes One Concept Of Imagination To Create A Whole World Of Reality" Walter Cromartie Jr

Crow's World

Crow's Comics was created for one purpose only and that was to bring every story in Walter Cromartie Jr's mind to life through comics. 

Walter Cromartie Jr has over 200 plus original stories in his mind, all of them waiting for their turn to escape to the comic world.

Walter Cromartie Jr mission is to create and bring unique stories to life through comics to spark the imagination of the next generation.

Walter Cromartie Jr was born February 19, 1985 and from the day he was born his imagination ran wild.

In 2009 Walter's mind was racing with so many stories he had to write them down so he did starting with his first story ever called "The Gift"

After he finished The Gift he shopped the story out and to avail no one would touch his story. 

So in 2014 he made Crow's Comics to publish his own work and get his stories out to the world, so the world could see inside his mind and enjoy his stories like he did everyday.

Crow's Comics released it's first comic Ink Soul digitally on Amazon on August 25th 2015.

With the release of the comic Walter Cromartie Jr felt the feeling of accomplishment he had been waiting on for awhile.

So now Walter Cromartie Jr will push Crow's Comics limits as he will unlock his mind and release  to the world the amazing stories he has seen for years.

"I am happy to welcome you into my world of Crow's Comics to enjoy and see the stories of imagination I have been waiting to show you for Years. Thank you for your support and again I hope you enjoy."

Walter Cromartie Jr